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QQ群创建 Upon receiving a warning from the Canadian government, the mayor of Quebec in the country was forced to cancel the itinerary to promote the local economy and tourism development.

According to the Canadian "Montreal Gazette" local time on January 19, Régis Labeaume, the head of the Quebec city of Quebec, recently canceled his visit to China on the grounds of political tension between China and Canada.

Quebec Daily video QQ群创建 screenshot

According to the original plan, Rabohm will lead the local regional economic development agency "International Quebec" and the Quebec City Tourism Bureau at the end of March to visit Shanghai, China, the sister city of Xi'an, Quebec City, and South Korea. They hope that through this more than ten days of trip to Asia, they will add fuel to the economic and tourism development of Quebec City.

 QQ群创建 In fact, according to the Canadian "Le Soleil" report, before the official announcement of the itinerary, the warning from the Canadian authorities was cancelled.

According to Observer's previous report, Quebec was originally a French colony, then ceded to the United Kingdom, and eventually merged into Canada under British leadership. Quebec's province is 1.442 million square kilometers, making it the largest province in Canada, with 82% of French residents.

The national consciousness of Quebec first rose in the 1960s. In the 1980s and 1990s, two referendums were held, but they all failed. In August 1998, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Québec had no right to unilaterally declare independence. In 2000, the Canadian Parliament passed the "Clear Act", which set a barrier for the "Quiet". QQ群创建

On the 14th of this month, Canadian drug dealer Schellenberg was sentenced to death in Dalian Intermediate People's Court. After the Canadian government issued a travel proposal for China, it said that it should be “highly cautious” and warned citizens to go to China to be cautious of the risk of “arbitrary law enforcement” and to add “death penalty” in terms of “law and culture”. And punishment for drug crimes."

 QQ群创建 According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, Canada’s travel warnings are divided into four levels. The lowest risk is “Exercise normal security precautions”, followed by “Exercise a high degree of caution”. "Avoid non-essential travel" and the highest risk "avoid all travel" (Avoid all travel).

At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 15th, in response to Canada’s travel warning, spokesperson Hua Chunying said that the Canadian government should issue reminders to its citizens, but it is not a reminder that China may be at risk but a reminder Citizens must not go to China to engage in serious crimes such as smuggling and drug trafficking. This will have serious consequences QQ群创建 .

Hua Chunying also said, "I think the Canadian side said that it issued a security reminder. This is a bit of a thief calling for a thief. In fact, it is Canada, not China, who arbitrarily detains foreign citizens on the grounds of so-called laws." She said that every detained Canadian citizens are taking measures in China by the relevant departments because of what they have committed. The Chinese side has made clear explanations.

 QQ群创建 On the 17th, Chinese Ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye reiterated in an interview with Chinese and foreign media in the Chinese Embassy. "China is the safest country in the world and a country with a high degree of rule of law. We welcome people from all over the world to travel, do business, and study in China. There is no violation of Chinese laws, and security is absolutely guaranteed."

Under such circumstances, the Canadian government’s warnings have created obstacles for the local development of Quebec. QQ群创建

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